Wednesday, March 15, 2017

World Leaders Conspire To Keep Trump In The Paris Climate Agreement

Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images
Why worry about world leaders when you've got Ivanka and hubby to do the dirty work?
European leaders are quietly building a coalition of countries to pressure the Trump administration to not withdraw from the Paris agreement and meeting with White House officials, looking for the right argument to sway the U.S. president.
A coalition led by Germany, France and Italy has reached out to “Canada and China, as well as African, Latin American and small island states,” according to Politico, to form a group of “like-minded” countries to take advantage of a divided White House.
Diplomats have even spoken to White House officials, framing participation in the United Nations climate deal as a boon for jobs. White House energy adviser George David Banks has already met with European officials on the issue.
Reports suggest Banks sides with staying in the Paris agreement, echoing the stances of Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner. Banks recently held a closed-door meeting on plans for the Paris agreement with energy industry executives.
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