Thursday, March 9, 2017

WE'RE WATCHING: But He Folds! 5 Big Fights Where Trump Is Backing Down

The whole point of Donald Trump was supposed to be: BUT HE FIGHTS. But we shouldn't be surprised to see the Trump administration's bluster melting away.
The whole point of Donald Trump was supposed to be: BUT HE FIGHTS. He doesn’t care what anybody thinks of him, he doesn’t mind offending people, he likes it when his opponents scream and throw tantrums. Unlike those wimpy traditional Republicans that he and supporters are totally driving out of the party, he’s going to go in and really get stuff done instead of just talking about it and then chickening out.
If you questioned any of this mythology during the primaries or the election, you were sure to be called a “cuck”—short for “cuckold,” you see—as a really classy way of telling you what an emasculated girly-man you must be not to believe in Donald Trump’s superior toughness.
Yet Trump didn’t drive out the traditional Republicans. They’re still there in Congress, Paul Ryan and all. And they’re in his administration, starting with his Chief of Staff Reince Priebus. And we’re starting to see that maybe the politician who obsessively talks about his TV ratings and what everybody is saying about him really does allow what other people think to have an impact.
So while the Trump administration has so far done a few really good things—three cheers for the Gorsuch appointment—we shouldn’t be surprised to see it making some total cuck moves. Here are five that have already happened or are in the works. --->
Read the rest from Robert Tracinski at The Federalist HERE.

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