Tuesday, March 21, 2017

'Physically imposing': Here Are The Design Specs For Trump's Border Wall

The push to seal the U.S.-Mexico border moved ahead as federal authorities published two official requests for contractors to propose prototype segments of a border wall.
Construction of the segments will proceed quickly, with plans to begin within three months, putting the work on the wall prototypes solidly in the middle of the hot summer months in the Southwest.
The prototypes are a precursor to the border wall that was a signature campaign promise of President Trump, though the full-length wall itself is expected to be built through a separate bidding process later.
Border wall materials: Concrete, 'other'
Trump's budget directs $2.6 billion to border wall — and that's not all
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The specifics of the prototype project and the bidding process are detailed in two, nearly identical 132-page Requests for Proposals, posted Friday night to the Federal Business Opportunities website.
What kind of wall?
Each prototype will be 30 feet long and built in San Diego, according to the requests for proposals. --->
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