Friday, March 24, 2017

OBAMACARE LITE (TrumpCare) Thank You, House Freedom Caucus

Establishment Republicans are coordinating an attack on conservative House Freedom Caucus members, blaming them for scuttling the Obamacare tickling plan. All House Freedom Caucus members did was insist the GOP keep its promises.
There were several ways they could have done that.
First, they could have sent the Senate an actual repeal bill and let the chair rule that it was in order under the Byrd rule. That was the easiest and best option and could have gotten it through.
Second, they could have used their 2015 legislation that they all supported as the framework for the new legislation.
Third, they could have just passed the 2015 legislation.
It was easy. --->
Read the rest from Erick Erickson HERE and follow links to poll numbers that show folks AREN'T HAPPY that Trump is pushing to shove OBAMACARE LITE down our throats:

Quinnipiac poll shows Trump’s job approval sliding amid health-care push

Still no deal after Freedom Caucus meets with Trump as new poll puts approval of GOP health-care bill at … 17/56

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