Monday, March 13, 2017

Is Team Trump about to send a BIG F U to the U.S. Coast Guard?

America’s military has been at war for the last fifteen years and the threat from global terrorism and transnational criminal organizations is nowhere near subsiding. It’s a fight that will continue even as the Islamic State, Al Qaeda and other criminal enterprises face operational and leadership setbacks.
The threats posed by these groups will continuously evolve as long as a there is the existence of a radicalized Islamic ideology and criminal interests. This is sure to persist regardless of America’s commitment to eradicating evil—no matter the endurance for the fight or the ability to absorb the cost it bears.
President Trump’s pledge to rebuild the Armed Forces is necessary to sustain any hope for lasting success.
In this context, it is often the Army, the Navy and Marine Corps, and the Air Force that receive attention, which President Trump has bestowed. But there is another service of equal importance to U.S. national security that consistently fails to receive the same treatment and respect, not just from commanders in chief but the entire federal government, including Congress.
Make that 227 Years old. Photo is from 2015
Often overlooked but no less critical to protecting America’s national security interests is the U.S. Coast Guard—an Armed Force at its core with a domestic mission unlike any of its counterparts. And as the traditional military services are expected to be major benefactors of the President’s call for stronger national defense, the Coast Guard continues to be neglected.
This reality was underscored yet again when details of the Office of Management and Budget’s (OMB) outline for Fiscal Year 2018 were recently revealed. --->
Read the rest from Rep. Duncan Hunter HERE.

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