Thursday, March 2, 2017

A Nation of Immigrants — Only if They Assimilate

The Left repeats that ‘we are a nation of immigrants’ without citing the other half of that fact — ‘who assimilate into America.’
I am writing this column in Japan, a country whose crime rate is the lowest among countries with large populations. I asked my Japanese translator, a middle-aged woman, what she thought.
“Why is there is so little crime in Japan?” I asked.
Without taking a moment to reflect, she responded, “because we don’t allow immigration.”
Anyone who visits Japan is struck by the ethnic homogeneity of the Japanese nation. If you meet a Caucasian, a black, or a Hispanic in Japan, you can be all but certain that the person is visiting or studying here, but is not a citizen.
Likewise in the United States, there is direct correlation between ethnic homogeneity and low levels of violence. According to the most recent data, the four states with the lowest rates of violence are
1. Vermont — where 95 percent of the population is one race (white).
2. Maine — where 95 percent of the population is one race (white).
3. Wyoming — where 90 percent of the population is one race (white).
4. New Hampshire — where 93 percent of the population is one race (white).
Sweden, which for much of its modern history had among the world’s lowest rates of violent crime, was almost always as homogenous as Japan. Now that it has admitted hundreds of thousands of immigrants from the Middle East and North Africa, it is no longer a homogenous country — and while the Swedish government is not forthcoming on the matter, as its entire commitment to multiculturalism and to taking in high numbers of refugees from the Middle East and North Africa is at stake — it appears that its levels of violence are greatly increasing. For example, The Weekly Standard reports, “The head of the Swedish ambulance drivers’ union confirmed in a recent interview with journalist Paulina Neuding the existence of ‘no-go zones’ where it is too dangerous to enter without police protection.”
All this leads to this rule: ...
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