Saturday, February 4, 2017

Will Trump’s Wall Work? This Chart Has The Answer

The debate over the effectiveness of border walls is once again ramping up after President Trump ordered construction to commence on a wall along the southern border with Mexico.
Several European countries erected fences to keep migrants out, and, according to the numbers, building a large barrier on a border does in fact work to keep people out. Hungary, for example, was a popular pathway for refugees on their way to Germany during the fall.
Illegal border crossings in Hungary in October, 2015. 
(Hungarian Police/The Daily Caller News Foundation)
When the daily illegal border crossings were at 7,000 per day, Prime Minister Viktor Orban decided to erect a fence along the border to Serbia and Croatia. 
<------ The result speaks for itself:
When the fence went up Oct. 17, 2016, the influx went down to 870 from 6,353 only a day earlier. Illegal border crossings were steadily below 40 per day throughout the rest of the month. The number picked up slightly in February, after migrants destroyed part of the fence, but it remained in the low hundreds.
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