Wednesday, February 15, 2017

U.S. intelligence withholding information from Trump?

The weirdest thing about this piece? It ran in the New York Observer, whose publisher until last month was … Jared Kushner.
It should be noted that the author, John Schindler, is a Trump critic of longstanding and that this claim hasn’t been made by any major paper (that I know of), despite the fact that the Times, WaPo, etc, have bushels of sources inside the intelligence community. It’d be a front-page bombshell for any paper in the country, yet somehow Schindler’s the only one who’s claimed it as a scoop. On the other hand, it’s no secret that U.S. intelligence has had a … complicated relationship with Trump and his right-hand man Mike Flynn since election day, from the rumors of Russian influence among Trump’s advisors to Trump’s skepticism of blaming Moscow for the DNC and Podesta hackings to claims that Trump wasn’t receiving his daily intelligence briefing regularly to that odd appearance before the CIA memorial wall in Langley a few weeks ago. A major Israeli paper reported last month that some U.S. intel officials had warned their Israeli counterparts to be careful about sharing intelligence with the White House lest it mysteriously end up being leaked to Russia. Schindler’s claim is right in line with that. If it’s true that the intelligence community worries about other nations’ state secrets being shared with Trump, it stands to reason they’d worry about America’s secrets being shared with him too.
Trump’s already rightly suspicious of some of his deputies due to the insane amount of leaking happening lately. Imagine his reaction upon reading this. ...
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