Friday, February 3, 2017

Trump White House Puts Iran ‘On Notice’ After Missile Launch

The White House on Wednesday sharply condemned Iran’s recent ballistic missile test launch and accused Tehran of threatening the U.S. allies in the region, and warned of unspecified consequences.
“As of today, we are officially putting Iran on notice,” national security adviser Michael Flynn told reporters during a daily press briefing.
An Iranian military truck carries a ballistic missile 
during a 2015 parade in Tehran. (EPA/Newscom)
Mr. Flynn said the latest missile test was a violation of a United Nations Security Council resolution. He said similar actions by Iran in the past six months weren't met with a sufficiently stern U.S. response and that President Donald Trump’s administration would take a tougher approach to blunt Tehran’s “destabilizing influence.”
"Iran is now feeling emboldened,” Mr. Flynn said.
White House officials declined to elaborate on what Mr. Flynn meant by his warning to Iran, but Mr. Trump has a number of options, ...
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UPDATE: Exclusive: U.S. expected to impose fresh sanctions on Iranian entities as early as Today

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