Thursday, February 23, 2017

Terrorism Isn't The Only Reason To Curb Refugee Admissions

President Trump plans to shut down America's refugee program for four months to give officials time to implement stricter vetting procedures. When the program restarts, it will take in no more than 50,000 refugees in fiscal 2017 — fewer than half the number admitted in 2016.
Though designed to safeguard Americans from terrorist attacks launched by refugees — such as the recent stabbing spree at Ohio State University and the truck attack on a Christmas market in Berlin — the hiatus will boost citizens' economic security too. In recent years, federal officials have abused the refugee program, turning it into yet another avenue for employers to bring in lower-cost foreign workers who displace American employees.
Obama regime urges American businesses to hire Syrian
and other Muslim refugees instead of American citizens
Such behavior is shameful. It's possible to help those fleeing war and oppression without kicking American workers to the curb.
The Obama administration announced at the end of June that it was launching a "Call to Action" in partnership with major corporations to place refugees with employers in the United States.
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