Sunday, February 5, 2017

State Dept Reinstates Cancelled Visas As WH Fights Restraining Order

LINK: Trump rips federal judge who halted travel ban
Old and busted: Friday afternoon document dumps. New hotness: Friday Night Fights between the executive and the judiciary. After a week filled with lawsuits over Donald Trump’s executive order on immigration, Seattle federal district judge James Robart imposed a nationwide temporary restraining order on enforcing most of its provisions. At that time, though, the State Department had already canceled an estimated 60,000 visas for nationals from the seven high-risk nations included in the EO.
That changed this morning:
BREAKING: State Department reverses visa cancellations for foreigners after judge puts hold on Trump executive order.
— The Associated Press (@AP) February 4, 2017
DHS also announced a return to status quo ante in all other respects, at least until the Trump administration can win a stay of the restraining order:
JUST IN: DHS suspends "any and all actions implementing the affected sections" of Pres. Trump's immigration order following judge's order.
— ABC News (@ABC) February 4, 2017
Does that mean that the White House has thrown in the towel? Not hardly. Donald Trump made his feelings clear in his preferred forum. As usual, the president didn’t mince words about his opinion on the TRO and the judge who ordered it:
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