Friday, February 17, 2017

Spicer: Yes, Trump knew weeks ago that Flynn hadn’t told the truth about his call with the ambassador

He’s known for weeks that Flynn could be blackmailed by Russia if it threatened to reveal that he’d misled Pence, and he let him stay on as national security advisor anyway? Huh.
President Trump was informed weeks ago that his national security adviser, Michael T. Flynn, had not told the truth about his interactions with Russia’s ambassador and asked for Mr. Flynn’s resignation after concluding he could not be trusted, the White House said on Tuesday.
At his daily briefing, Sean Spicer, the White House press secretary, said the president’s team has been “reviewing and evaluating this issue on a daily basis trying to ascertain the truth,” and ultimately concluded that while there was no violation of law, Mr. Flynn could no longer serve in his position.
One of the questions still in orbit around Flynn’s resignation is whether Flynn took it upon himself to address sanctions in his call with the Russian ambassador or whether Trump gave him the green light to discuss it. It may be that Trump is innocent: According to at least one account of the phone call, it was the Russian who brought up sanctions, not Flynn. If, on the other hand, Trump approved it in advance, that might explain why he left Flynn in place over the last few weeks. Maybe he hoped the scandal would blow over without leaking, knowing that if it blew up and he had to fire Flynn, Flynn might blab that Trump knew all along. When WaPo finally revealed the DOJ investigation, suddenly things got too hot and Flynn had to go. I’ll be curious to see if Flynn remains in some sort of informal advisory role with the administration going forward, a la Corey Lewandowski after he was fired as Trump’s campaign manager last summer. Trump would have reason to stay on Flynn’s good side if Flynn has something on him.
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