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Op-ed: Misplaced Nurturing...a Failure in the Making

Misplaced Nurturing...a Failure in the Making
By Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

“Honestly I feel like we are in a nightmare right now!! In a country founded by immigrants how did immigrant become a bad word!!!”               
- Jennifer Lopez, singer

And so the liberals...especially liberal women...whine on as they keep defending the bringing into our country of the very people President Donald Trump is trying to keep out...trying to keep out for he sees them for what they are...the vanguard of an invasion the likes of which is still ongoing in Europe.

And it is not about immigrants nor is it about immigration per se, but it is about an invasion by those...by muslims...whose values, beliefs, and moral turpitude is in direct opposition to those of both ‘We the People’ and of America in general.

And how do I know it is an invasion...simply because common sense...a word seeming not to be in the liberal vocabulary...poses a simple question...a question with an answer we might not like. And the question is why would these people want to leave countries that share and live by their very beliefs for countries...for Judeo-Christian countries...who do not. And the answer is that history shows that when a country can no longer take care of its own people they ‘invade’ another country better off than they are with that country’s wealth becoming their spoils of war...and in today's world spoils of war comes in the guise of handouts and freebies that the invaded country uses in an attempt to keep the invaders in line all in the name of inclusion.

Just look at Europe to see this in action...look at Europe to see that inclusion does not work. Europe...generally more liberal in its social leanings than America yet still comprised of fellow western nations now being overrun by young, strong, and determined muslim men hell-bent on bringing all of Europe to her knees...to her knees as they rape her economies in addition to her women and do so all in the name of islam...in the name of allah (the most unholy).

And it is an invading army that brings the sharia with them. Sharia...the most brutal of political systems in today’s world...a subjugator of women who it deems as mere chattel to be sold, stoned, burned, mutilated, tortured, and even beheaded at whim.

Sharia...the one and only true islamic code of law...and the stuff of nightmares I might add...is defended not only by the majority of muslims already living here in our country but by their liberal cohorts in the halls of our own government. And while these vocal muslims...coupled with the voices of those muslims who outwardly do not defend the sharia but who in their silence actually condone the sharia...have in their silence voices that actually speak louder than those who believe and let it be known that to them the sharia trumps our Constitution.

And yet liberal American women and just about every Democrat in Congress, whether woman or man, insist we welcome ‘them’ into our country with open arms....that we feed, house, cloth, educate, and take care of all 'their' medical needs...and to do so at the expense of true red, white, and blue Americans...even at the expense of those who fought ‘over there’ in order to keep ‘them’ from ever coming 'over here.' And in their actions lies traitorous intent for liberals want ‘them’ here for the own selfish purpose...believing that muslims...just like the other illegals already here... will vote overwhelmingly for them for generations to come figuring they dare not bite the hand that feeds 'them'...the very hand using 'them' to save their cushy jobs, government benefits, and perks alone.

Guess the fact that Donald Trump is now president and that all three branches of our government are now ‘red’ is lost on them.

Also lost on these liberals...liberal women especially...are certain key facts about muslims in America...facts such as seven-in-ten U.S. muslims say their religion is of key importance in their lives...important to the point where they believe that the sharia supercedes American laws. And that is where the true danger lies for when muslims put the sharia above the Constitution they are putting not only a made-up deity...allah...above the one true living God of we Christians and Jews...but they are putting the atrocities allowed under the sharia above the rule of civilized law...as in putting the denigration of women above the equality the Constitution affords American women.

And that is what the Women’s March in Washington D.C. was really all about...the allowing into our country of the very people whose lives revolve around the subjugation of women. And those women marching were and still are blind to this truth as they move forward in their quest to both ‘mother’ and coddle the enemy all while refusing to understand the reality of what will happen to them and to us if these savages are indeed let in.

So let’s take a bit of a look at the future these liberal women want for the whole of America’s women.     
And what better way to start than to say that islam is a power trip for weak and cowardly males who think that by subjugating women that they are real men. And let us not forget that islam itself is the antithesis of women's rights, women’s equality, and shows not even a modicum of simple respect for women for where else but in islam are girls taught from birth to believe in submission...complete, total, and unquestioning submission not only to the false god named allah but to the will of their parents and most especially to the absolute will of their husbands...or any male for that matter.

And where else but in islam are old men allowed to enter into what is tantamount to pedophilic child-marriages... marriages that are anything but excuses to have sex with 6-year old girls...little girls freely given to the old men by their very own fathers. Where else but in islam are little girls subjected to female genital mutilation leaving them nothing but vessels for a man’s lust as they are made to bear child after child until they can bear children no more and who are then thrown away like garbage,.

Where else but in islam are women who are raped the perpetrators and those who commit the rape the victim...the victim to such a degree that these men can freely and legally stone to death the very women they raped. Where else but in islam is acid thrown on a women for just saying a single word to a man not her husband or for even setting one foot outside the family home unaccompanied by a male. Where else but in islam are eyes gouged out, noses, ears, hands, and feet cut off sometimes for as simple an infraction as dinner being late or for daring to remove even for but a minute the suffocating and degrading monstrosity called the burqa that they are forced to encase themselves in.

And were else but in islam are ‘so-called’ honor killings the norm...pre-meditated murders committed by men who feel a woman...their property...whether it be their wives, their sisters, or even the own daughters...has shamed either them or their family.

And what of these women themselves...true victims no doubt...but victims powerless to defend themselves against a dogma set down 1600+ years ago by a perverted madman who in his quest for power, riches, and fame coupled with a longing for immortality... invented a ‘so-called’ god who set up his male followers to be lord and master over the women they supposedly once cherished.

And even if some liberal women do understand a bit of what islam is...what muslim men do to woman...they continue to remain clueless to the dangers of allowing these people, complete with the sharia, to come to our country whose law is the Constitution. And our political leaders on both sides of the isle sadly continue to see islam as a religion instead of as the truly totalitarian political system...a cult if you will...that it really is.

And herein lies islam’s...lies muslims...true danger...a danger we must not ignore...for the fact is that islam teaches intolerance with one set of rules for its believers and yet another completely different set of rules for we infidels. But for we as women there is one rule alone...subjugation. And that is truly something that directly contradicts the very core of our Constitution, for as per the Constitution we are all created equal and have equal rights in the eyes of the law. Subjugation is...or at least should be...as foreign a concept to we American women...to even American liberal women...as freedom is to muslim women.

But, unfortunately, to today’s liberal women...women of the sort who yell and scream to let muslims into our country...and who do so while dressed up as vaginas... the women’s liberation movement of the 70’s truly has become but a distant memory for it seems these women would like nothing better than to turn back the clock to a place and to a time when subjugation of women was and remains the norm...and where tolerance only exists in the minds of the men out to kill us all...as in tolerate us, submit to us, or else.

And so the meltdown of liberals in regards to muslims begins, led not by liberal men but by liberal women whose ‘mommy complex’ just might spell doom for us all.


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