Monday, February 6, 2017

Op-ed: And the Media Remains Silent

And the Media Remains Silent
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

Last night was Super Bowl 2017 and congratulations must go out to the New England Patriots 5th Super Bowl win. Lead by Tom Brady, the Pats came back from a 25 to 3 deficit to win it all. And the Atlanta Falcons must also be congratulated for while they did not win, they played one hell of a game.

And while some of the Super Bowl ads were quite anti-Trump in nature, especially in regards to his recent rightful banning of those from seven countries from coming here for 90 stood out in my mind as being the most grievous of all...the ad by '84 Lumber' which made heroes out of a mother and son's journey of ILLEGALLY coming here. Shameful to say the least as coming here ILLEGALLY is a crime in and of itself.

LEGALS Yes...ILLEGALS NO...period.

And surprise of all surprises was that uber liberal Lady Gaga who many in the media reported would go 'political' but who instead did what she does best...entertain...put on one hell of a halftime show sans political references. And thank you to her for that.

But while all this was going on a half a world away all hell was breaking lose as a state of emergency was being declared in Saudi Arabia. And why...because unreported then and still unreported by our media was a report from Yemen's official news agency...Yemen News Agency (SABA)...that quoted a Houthi spokesperson who said that on Sunday night a Yemeni rebel missile reportedly hit a Saudi military camp 40-kilometres west of Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia, in retaliation for the Saudis aggression against Yemen...aggression consisting of air strikes on the Majz district of Sa'ada province, on the al-Tuhitah district of Hodeida province, as well as on the Serwah district of Mareb province...air strikes that killed numerous Yemeni civilians including children.

Also, the missile that hit the Saudi military camp was reportedly a variation of a Russian scud missile, and it hit the Saudi military camp while the Saudi Minister of Defense, Mohammad bin Salman, was at a meeting with Yemeni President Abdrabbuh Mansur a meeting supposedly meant to temper down the aggression between the two Arab nations. 

See Yemen's official state report here:

And while this story was picked-up by news agencies all across the Middle East and India, and even by some Russian news agencies, it still has been kept mum from both European and U.S. media outlets...kept mum except by bloggers like me.

A ballistic missile is launched and tested in an undisclosed location, Iran, March 9, 2016. REUTERS/Mahmood Hosseini/TIMAAlso being kept quiet by our media is that in addition to the Yemeni missile being fired at the Saudis, earlier in the day the German newspaper 'Die Welt' reported, as per unspecified intelligence sources, that also on Sunday Iran tested a cruise missile called 'Sumar'...a missile that is capable of carrying a nuclear weapons payload.

And this followed Iran's earlier in the week test-firing of a medium-range ballistic missile...a test-firing that is in violation of U.N. Resolution 2231...a resolution passed a few days after the signing of the JCPOA (Obama's 'very bad' nuclear deal with Iran), warning Tehran not to conduct ballistic missile tests for the next eight years.

And there's more unreported by our media such as the fact that ISIS has 'activated' terror cells in Egypt's Nile Valley. Reported in Asharq Al-Awsat...a pan-Arab daily newspaper... the report, as per local Egyptian officials, highlights the ongoing flow of huge sums of money to fund terrorist operations in Egypt, done in conjunction with the revival of the Takfiri movement...a 1960's born movement of radical islamists tied directly into the Muslim Brotherhood...known terrorist supporters and outright terrorists themselves.

Finally, for now at least, another recent event unreported by our media is that our 'supposed' ally Saudi Arabia recently announced their condemnation of what they call Israel's "illegitimate settlement activities" in the occupied Palestinian territories. But to make their announcement even more grievous is their addition that only the Palestinians have the right to the city of Jerusalem, emphasizing what they call the "centralization of Jerusalem," as the Palestinians right for the full sovereignty over Jerusalem as the capital of the State of Palestine. And their announcement concluded with the words that they will work towards that towards a goal we vehemently oppose.

See the Saudi article here:

So while we revel over a game and a singer doing the right thing, the Middle East is on the brink of all-out war...a war that we will be forced to take sides in. Us being on Israel's side is a given, but with our 'supposed' ally Saudi Arabia siding against our true ally Israel, and with Saudi Arabia now being fired upon with scud-type missiles by Iran-backed Yemen, the Saudi situation will indeed become quite the conundrum...a conundrum we surely do not need.

So when will our media wake-up to the fact 'We the People' need to know the facts about what we are in the possible start of a full-blown Middle East war...a war that we will be part of...and not just as advisers or special ops...whether the liberals amongst us like it or not for if the Middle East falls the enemy will come for us next. And right now it seems that with the media being the way it is we will only find that out as the enemy shows up full-force on America's shores.

Sad isn't it, but as the saying goes, 'reality hurts.' And with our leftist-controlled media playing into...if not outright supporting...America's enemies that reality does hurt...and my friends it will only get worse...much much worse.

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