Thursday, February 2, 2017

It Doesn’t Betray Conservatism To Praise the President When He Does Well

There’s scarcely been a more divisive president, to the country, and to the party which he purports to represent than Donald J. Trump. The man won the Republican primaries with around 40 percent of his own party’s aggregated pre-clinch votes, and lost most caucuses except Nevada, Kentucky and Hawaii. He faced rebellion at his own nominating convention. Most of his own party’s pundits and fellow candidates who conceded believed he would be crushed in November.
The #NeverTrump movement led the charge to keep Trump out of office. This was based on the proposition that Trump was unqualified for the job of POTUS.
President Trump is the same man as candidate Trump. If he was manifestly unqualified for office then, it would follow that he is now. That would mean we have an unqualified man running our country, with which most of the free world (and likely the kleptocratic world of dictators) agrees.
Conservatives, as much as liberals and most Americans, would rather have a qualified person running the government than an unqualified one. And Trump won–though he didn’t win a majority of the popular vote, he did win the race, such as the Constitution provides for winning. He also wasn’t crushed at the polls. Most of the differences people seem to have had about Trump revolved around his policies, with his fitness for office a lesser concern overall.
In other words, most people who voted against Trump, did so because they didn’t like what he would do, not that they thought he was unqualified to do it, although many claimed both. Those who voted for him, either voted for him despite their doubts of his qualifications, or believed he is qualified.
When the results rolled in, most #NeverTrump conservatives admitted we were wrong about Trump’s electability. Therefore, we might have also been wrong about his fitness for office, or at least the importance attached to that issue by Americans.
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