Friday, February 17, 2017

IN YOUR FACE: Russia Tests Trump with Missile Treaty Violation ... and Russian Spy Ship 30 Miles Off Our Coast

Sources in the Trump Administration say that Russia has deployed a new cruise missile system that violates the terms of a decades-old arms treaty. The SSC-8 cruise missile falls under a category of weapons banned by the Intermediate Nuclear Forces treaty signed by the Reagan Administration in 1987.
The New York Times reports that two battalions of SSC-8 missiles have already been deployed in violation of the INF treaty, which banned the deployment of land-based intermediate-range nuclear missiles. One battalion was reportedly still located at the missile test site near Volgograd in southern Russia while the second had moved to an operational base. The Times’ source in the Trump Administration did not provide the location of the second battalion. One battalion of the missiles reportedly includes four mobile missile launchers with about six missiles each.
Read the rest of the story HERE follow a link to a related story below:

Coast Guard Tracking Russian Spy Ship Near Submarine Base In Groton

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