Wednesday, February 22, 2017

FAKE NEWS RAP SHEET: Last Week the MSM Told THIRTY-SEVEN Lies (and They're all here)

Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg via Getty Images
Welcome to week four of "This Week In Fake News!" Links to previous editions can be found here.
Remember, this is a cumulative count, so we are starting with number 77. Thanks to another 37 lies, we now know that in just 4 weeks, the MSM has fired off a whopping 114 pieces of Fake News!
Moreover, this last week was super-duper-extra-special. For the past three editions, we have only had to deal with the standard fire hose of the MSM's Fake News. This time, however, we are forced to debunk a number of Big Lies -- lies told on an existential level, unsubstantiated innuendo relentlessly spewed in an effort to turn falsehoods into conventional wisdom.
The Big Lies are labeled accordingly and at the top. Let's begin there
Read the rest from John Nolte and the 114 pieces of Fake News HERE.

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