Saturday, February 4, 2017

End The Foreign-Aid Racket

Donald Trump's wise and humanitarian move to reinstate the Reagan-era "Mexico City policy," which prohibits U.S. foreign-aid dollars from going to non-government organizations that perform or provide referrals for abortions, has incited a torrent of liberal outrage.
Democratic Sen. Jeanne Shaheen of New Hampshire seethed that the edict "(favors) ideological politics over women and families." Yet she favors a policy that requires Americans to fund activities they find morally offensive. So much for "pro-choice."
The restoration of the Mexico City policy is a great start, but Trump should take a much bolder step: Stop all non-emergency foreign aid now. Virtually every poll of the last two decades shows that voters hate foreign aid, for good reason.
The programs don't work to bring development to Nigeria or Mexico City anymore than domestic-aid programs have revived inner-city Detroit or Milwaukee.
Why are American taxpayers funding birth control or, for that matter, any overseas family-planning programs in foreign countries? We can't even afford our own government health programs, yet we are supposed to fund condom-distribution programs in Asia and Africa?
Foreign aid, when including military aid, costs up to $50 billion a year. Liberals say this is a trivial amount given that the entire federal budget exceeds $4 trillion. How is $500 billion over a decade trivial?
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