Monday, February 13, 2017

China: Trump Is Finally ‘Learning His Role’ In The Relationship

This doesn't sound good. Trump "LEARNING HIS ROLE", I hope not:
When President Donald Trump called Chinese President Xi Jinping Thursday evening, much of China’s fear of the new U.S. president melted away.
During the course of the call, Trump agreed to honor, at Xi’s request, the one China policy, alleviating concerns that Trump might upend a policy China considers the “political foundation of U.S.-China relations.”
I'm glad Donald is finally following my lead
 on China
Before he took office, Trump cast uncertainty over the future of the one China policy, which states that there is only one China represented by the People’s Republic of China and Taiwan is a part of China. For the Chinese government, this principle is a “prerequisite for the development of relations between China and the rest of the world.” The policy has been in place since the U.S. officially cut ties with Taiwan in 1979. By engaging Taiwanese leadership and questioning the value of upholding the policy without receiving anything in return from China, Trump raised alarms in Beijing, which repeatedly warned Trump that the principle is “non-negotiable.” Trump’s decision to continue to respect the policy allows China to breathe a little easier.
“Trump has stopped openly challenging China’s core interests, and instead showed respect to Beijing,” the Global Times observed, “Trump is learning about his role in the realm of Sino-US ties.”
“Sino-US ties have, after a little shiver, have returned to where they are supposed to stand,” the article added.
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