Monday, January 16, 2017

Trump’s Willing To Shatter Beijing’s ‘One-China’ Policy and China's Response

President-elect Donald Trump expressed a willingness to end the “one-China” policy Friday, threatening Beijing’s bottom line.
“Everything is under negotiation, including one China,” Trump told The Wall Street Journal. He stressed that unless he sees real progress with regard to China’s currency management practices and bilateral trade, he will not uphold the “one-China” policy.
The “one-China” policy acknowledges that there is only one China represented by the People’s Republic of China, and Taiwan is a part of China’s territory. China perceives the “one-China” policy as a “prerequisite for the development of relations between China and the rest of the world.”
Trump has repeatedly threatened the future of this policy.
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cimbri said...

Trump will do anything to extract a concession. This guy is always on offense.