Sunday, January 29, 2017

Trump's Right: Law-Breaking 'Sanctuary Cities' Must Obey The Law

Illegal Immigration: With a stroke of his busy pen, President Trump has put the "sanctuary city" movement on notice: The federal government will no longer look the other way as cities break the law. It's about time.
This isn't about illegal immigrants, per se. It's about massive lawbreaking by locally elected officials on a national scale, and it's both shameful and harmful to our country.
Following his decision to build the border wall, Trump on Thursday signed an executive order on enforcing our national laws on illegal immigration within our own borders. That it takes an executive order to enforce the law shows just how far we've strayed from the rule of law.
As part of that order, Trump would have Homeland Security and the Department of Justice cut off all federal funding they now give to sanctuary cities. At the same time, the Department of Homeland Security will create a "name and shame" list of sanctuary cities, to include the names of illegal aliens who have committed crimes within these cities and then been released.
It didn't take long for mayors and activists in the cities — and, really, entire states — to issue their denunciations of Trump and vow to "resist," that now-favorite word of the lawless left in America. Unfortunately, presidents in recent years have largely ignored the movement, letting it metastasize. There are now four entire states and 279 cities and counties in 25 other states — and don't forget Washington, D.C., itself — that offer protection for those here illegally and refuse to follow the laws Congress has established for newcomers.
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