Monday, January 9, 2017

Trump Orders ALL Of Obama’s Diplomats Home On Day 1

President-elect Donald Trump ordered every Obama-appointed diplomat home in the days which will immediately following his inauguration, according to a Thursday report from The New York Times.
The Department of State sent a cable to all diplomats nationwide advising them of the break from tradition Dec. 23. Past administrations allowed diplomats an extension until a replacement could be found and moved to each post, according to the report.
Trump made it clear he doesn’t want any political appointee of the outgoing president to serve during his administration, a decision Trump staffers insist is not “ill will.” The new administration just wants to make sure that appointments made as a result of political donations end “on schedule.”
The move could leave key diplomatic posts unfilled as the new president rushes to appoint and confirm ambassadors to countries like Germany, Canada, and Great Britain.
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