Tuesday, January 3, 2017

The Conspiracy Theories from 2016 A LOT of People Still Believe

In a study that produced equally hilarious and depressing results, YouGov decided to take a look at the more popular conspiracy theories believed by Americans, including those most strongly endorsed by Hillary Clinton voters and those espoused by Donald Trump voters — as well as some golden oldies for good measure. One of the most eye-opening of the results: half of Clinton voters still actually believe the unfounded theory that the Russians tampered with election results. Meanwhile, less than a third of Americans are really sure that an alleged pedophilia ring supposedly run by Clinton campaign manager John Podesta did not actually exist.
Two of the biggest 2016 theories about the election results were the Russians "hacking the election" and illegal voting. While it's unsurprising that some Clinton voters would buy into the completely evidence-less claim about the Russians tampering with voting results, the percent who believe it is stunning: a full 50 percent think the baseless claim is true (only 9% of Trump voters believe it).
Trump voters, on the other hand, are far more likely to believe that "millions" voted illegally (62% compared to 25%). Here are the breakdowns:
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