Monday, January 23, 2017

President Trump Promises to Rebuild Military and Missile Defense Systems

An F-22 Raptor flies over Alaska terrain 
(U.S. Air Force Reserve photo/Tech. Sgt. Dana Rosso)
Trump White House Outlines Plan To Make ‘Our Military Strong Again’:
The White House revealed President Donald Trump’s top defense priorities on its website Friday, which center on rebuilding U.S. military strength.
First and foremost, Trump plans to end the sequester, which capped defense spending in 2011 (and continues to limit defense spending). Additionally, he intends to ensure high levels of readiness across all branches of the U.S. armed forces.
“Our military needs every asset at its disposal to defend America,” said the new webpage. “We cannot allow other nations to surpass our military capability. The Trump Administration will pursue the highest level of military readiness.”
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Missile Defense Agency/Handout via Reuters
Trump To Develop State-Of-The-Art Missile System To Take On North Korea:
President Donald Trump has announced plans to build a “state-of-the-art” missile defense system to counter threats from North Korea.
On the recently updated White House website, the administration promises to make the U.S. military “strong again” by investing more funding into the armed forces and U.S. defense systems, including missile defense. North Korea, with its improved missile capabilities, is an increasingly dangerous foreign policy threat that the incoming administration will inevitably be forced to address.
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