Thursday, January 19, 2017

Obama Pushes $111.2 BILLION In ‘Midnight’ Regs In THE LAST 5 DAYS

The Obama administration published a whopping $111.2 billion worth of regulations in the last five days, according to a new report.
Regulators published $111.2 billion in total costs with $5.7 billion in annual burdens, compared to $71.9 billion in benefits,” writes Dan Goldbeck, a policy analyst at the right-leaning American Action Forum (AAF).
“The main drivers of regulatory burdens included a proposed rule on ‘Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communications’ and an Affordable Care Act final rule on home health agencies,” Goldbeck reported.
The Department of Transportation “Vehicle-to-Vehicle” rule is the biggest driver of regulatory costs in the last week. That rule alone is expected to cost automakers $109 billion, or about $5 billion a year.
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