Sunday, January 29, 2017

Now That Trump is Willing to Use the Nuclear Option For SCOTUS Is McConnell Chickening Out?

President Trump wants McConnell to nuke the filibuster if Democrats try to block his Supreme Court appointment.

But is McConnell now indicating he hasn't the desire or balls to follow through?
On Friday, McConnell, speaking to The Hill, rebutted President Trump’s stated desire, which he articulated on Thursday, that Senate Republicans strip Democrats of the power to filibuster Supreme Court nominees of Trump’s choice.
McConnell said, “Senate rules are a matter for the Senate and a lot of other people have opinions. We’ve already adopted the rules for this Congress at the beginning of the year. Basically we didn’t adopt any because in the Senate rules are permanent, unlike the House which every two year adopts a new set of rules. We don’t. It takes 67 votes to change the rules in the Senate. We saw one rather conspicuous exception to that a few years ago but no we don’t have any current plans on the rules.”
This is nothing new from McConnell, who has always contended that the Senate’s rules could only be modified with a two-thirds vote. That contrasts with his predecessor, former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.), who used the so-called “nuclear-option” in 2013 to protect executive branch and most judicial nominees from filibusters. ...
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cimbri said...

McConnell is a total weasel. You can't trust him.