Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Mark Levin: Trump's Inauguration Speech: 'Excellent' But NOT Conservative

On his radio show Friday, conservative author, talker, and editor-in-chief of Conservative Review Mark Levin gave his characteristically unfiltered response to Donald Trump's inaugural speech. Calling it an "excellent" version of his campaign stump speech, Levin said that while it was a powerful expression of populism, it was not Reaganesque because it was clearly not conservative at its core.
A few times during his analysis of the speech, Levin underscored that he was thrilled that it was Trump up there accepting the mantle of the presidency over Hillary Clinton. Conservatives, he said, have "every reason to be happy" that the American people elected Trump over his far-left ideologue opponent.
But while he may sprinkle in some conservative concepts here and there, Trump, as Levin has noted for months, does not consistently espouse conservative, constitutional views. Instead, Trump promotes a form of populism tempered by some conservative notions.
Noting that Trump's top advisor, Steve Bannon, had compared the sentiments expressed by Trump on Friday to Andrew Jackson's populism, Levin pushed back on that idea. Trump's inaugural address, said Levin, more closely aligned with Theodore Roosevelt's "progressive Republicanism."
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