Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Democratic Lawmakers Brace for Donald Trump’s Immigration Plans by Setting Aside Funds for ILLEGALS

Some municipalities set aside money to provide legal help for immigrants facing deportation
Democratic lawmakers in some cities and states are setting aside millions of dollars to pay legal fees for immigrants who face deportation under the Trump administration.
Mayors in Los Angeles, Chicago and San Francisco have said they would establish special funds to provide attorneys for immigrants facing the threat of deportation. Critics say such measures are an inappropriate use of taxpayer dollars.
The move intensifies a looming standoff over immigration between Democratic strongholds and President-elect Donald Trump. Mr. Trump has said he would block federal funding for sanctuary cities, which refrain from helping federal officials deport undocumented immigrants unless they have committed a serious crime.
“People who have built their lives in America have rights, and they deserve all of the protections that our legal system provides,” Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti said, announcing the creation of a $10 million immigrant legal defense fund in December.
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