Sunday, January 8, 2017

Because Of Trump, The Left Suddenly Cares About Conscience Rights Again

If the Rockettes and Buzzfeed have the right to refuse business to Donald Trump and his supporters on ideological grounds, what about the rest of us?
Donald Trump’s election has produced one unexpected benefit: his opponents are now making freedom-of-conscience claims that parallel arguments Alliance Defending Freedom has made in courts for years.
Opponents of President-elect Trump are saying they can’t in good conscience do business that helps Trump and his supporters, because it would violate their deeply-held beliefs to do so. That’s how we’ve advocated for Elane Photography, Arlene’s Flowers, Hands On Originals, Brush and Nib Studio, and other cases, including the latest case for Telescope Media Group in Minnesota.
The Mormon Tabernacle Choir will sing at Trump's 
inauguration minus a jackass
Trump’s upcoming inauguration has brought forth freedom-of-conscience objections that add to other ones from the past year. Phoebe Pearl, a dancer with The Rockettes, and Jan Chamberlain, a singer with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, have refused to perform in the Inauguration Ceremony because of their opposition to the president-elect and his policies. CNN reports that Chamberlain wrote she could “never sing for [Trump],” because that would be like “endorsing tyranny and fascism” and “throwing roses to Hitler.”
Excuse Me, Your Double Standard Is Showing ...
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