Monday, January 2, 2017

A Fact About Jew-Hatred You Won’t Read In The New York Times

If all you read was the New York Times, you’d be right to view the world as functionally Godless, hurtling through the vacuum of space toward a cold, dead, end, with humanity’s only purpose to get off this doomed rock before all life is extinguished by the next meeting with a meteor (we’re overdue, you know). But while we’re here, the doyens of “all the news that’s fit to print” love to tell believers in God how to live, from their lofty positions of ignorance.
Such as it is dealing with the rather simple issue of Jew-hatred and Israel-bashing.
You would think that this is simply a case of one people’s claim of some real estate over another’s. Of course, this isn’t simple in the paradigm of a Trump “deal” where one side negotiates from their list of wants, needs against a “best alternative to a negotiated agreement” commonly known as a BATNA. Because the Palestinians have no BATNA since none of their patron states will absorb even one stateless “refugee” even though the vast majority of them have an ethnic or generational claim in those countries.
It’s also problematic that the Palestinians main want is for there to be no Israel, leaving Israel with a really compelling BATNA of remaining in existence. Therefore, there’s no common ground on which to even reach a meeting of the minds except on very small, incremental, and completely reversible items. On these, almost without exception, Israel has extended every grace over the last 25 years.
But all of this can be read in the New York Times. To be fair, you can also read it in the Washington Post, Time Magazine, or take your pick of the various news organizations that have covered the Middle East “problem” for decades. But it doesn’t answer the question of why the United Nations singles out Israel again and again for punishment and censure, versus, say, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, or Myanmar. To be sure, those places get Security Council attention, but nowhere near the level of tiny Israel.
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