Saturday, December 3, 2016

Why Is Press Evasion Innovation Under Obama But A Threat Under Trump?

Trump has his faults, but lack of accessibility isn’t really one of them. He'll shape the rules to his advantage and reach people in non-traditional ways, just as Obama did. Why is it a problem now?
President-Elect Donald J. Trump posted a two-and-a-half minute video to his YouTube account last week. It was the first public address since his late-night acceptance speech. Trump also sat for interviews with “60 Minutes” and the New York Times, but eschewed a public press conference.
The video, in which he declared the transition running “very smoothly, efficiently and effectively,” struck some journalists as an existential threat to their profession on par with Steakgate.
As with Steakgate, there seem to two very different standards for different presidents who wish to circumvent traditional press with new-fangled technologies.
“The video underscored the extent to which Mr. Trump intends to try to navigate around the traditional newspaper and television media outlets as he seeks to communicate his message to the public,” the New York Times reported, while liberal media critics excoriated the move.
Read the rest of this op-ed from The Federalist HERE.

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