Monday, December 5, 2016

Understanding Trump’s America

The societal changes that made his rise possible are plain to see.
I’m a late adopter of many things, including technology and TV shows. Only a few weeks ago, I started watching Shameless, a Showtime series that is eerily revealing in its account of Donald Trump’s America.
The show, which started in 2011 and continues today, traces the cultural decline of white America not in Appalachia or the rural South but in urban Chicago. It is the story of an older single father — his addictions, his schemes and scams — and the simultaneously squalid lives and upwardly mobile aspirations of his six kids, who are still young enough to hope that love or college will transform their lives.
It’s the kind of show in which a 19-year-old brother in college, covering for the underage brother who stole his identity to join the Army and then went AWOL, shows up in the hospital emergency room after his toddler nephew accidentally ingests cocaine, telling the bemused doctors standing guard over the ICU that he’s “the closest thing to a responsible adult you are going to get.” What holds it together is the persistent moral sweetness undergirding this clan, a sacramental shining in the squalor. Somehow, the show conveys a faith that love, however dysfunctional, will endure. Terrible things may happen to you in such a family — you may be screwed by your father or the system — but at least you are never alone.
That’s the fantasy anyway.
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cimbri said...

Another anti-white production from Hollywood. That's yet another reason we cut off cable. Tired of the liberal propaganda.

dog breeds said...

Thank you for sharing the post! I have never watched that show, maybe it's a long time from the last time I watched shows on TV. Gotta find it later.
"at least you are never alone" - I like this one.