Friday, December 30, 2016

OOPS! Feds Have No Re-Supply Plan For Key Ingredient In Nukes

U.S. Buying Heavy Water from Iran
UNF@#KING BELIEVABLE!  Maybe Russia, China, North Korea, or Iran will sell us some?
Department of Energy (DOE) officials have no plan in place to replenish the current supply of a “vital national security asset” required for building U.S. nuclear weapons when it is used up in 14 years, a government watchdog reported Wednesday.
The DOE hasn’t ensured that there will be a sufficient heavy water supply, which is necessary for nuclear weapon design and development, by 2031, according to the agency’s inspector general (IG).
“The department’s current inventory of usable heavy water is its only source of material for weapons activities,” the report said. “The United States has not had a heavy water production capability since 1996, and there are no current plans to construct a capability.”
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