Thursday, December 1, 2016

No More Mr. Tough Guy

Is there something in the Washington water? Or maybe it’s in that heavy D.C. air, so top heavy with the hot air of expatiating politicians. Maybe, just maybe, someone switched the campaign Donald Trump with a more moderate President-elect Donald Trump before he got off his private plane at Ronald Reagan International to meet with President Obama. You know, the old invasion of the body snatchers trick where people look the same but start articulating odd pronouncements. Or do you suppose this has something to do with those lizard people?
Alright, all kidding aside, there is something ominous, perhaps pernicious, going on with the new Donald Trump. Perhaps these are just a few discordant notes emerging from the transitional tuning before the orchestra swells and we hear the resounding harmony of a presidential rhapsody. But when’s the last time he talked about “build the wall” or “drain the swamp?”
I swear, ever since he had that private, tête-à-tête with Obama and both emerged talking like Ralph Kramden and Ed Norton from The Honeymooners (you decide who is who) Trump has increasingly used the vocabulary and exercised the sensitivity of the Washington political elite, that class of people who measure every word and weigh every phrase for maximum political effect and minimal public comprehension.
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