Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Leftists Lose It: Victoria's Secret is 'Racist'!

From dining out on ethnic food to joining the local yoga studio, the political left has been there to call us all racists, because, apparently, engaging in culture other than your own is "cultural appropriation." Thankfully, as the stunning presidential election of Republican Donald Trump has indicated, the American people have rejected such grievance-based intolerant identity politicking.
Still, the left has learned no lessons through defeat, simply doubling down on their old antics, as insufferable feminist magazine Cosmopolitan illustrated on Wednesday.
In a piece fittingly titled "Why Can't Victoria's Secret Stop Designing Racist Lingerie?" Cosmo scolds iconic fashion designer and billion-dollar manufacturer of women's clothing Victoria's Secret for—wait for it—being super-racist. Author Helin Jung explains that the recent Victoria's Secret fashion show featured models wearing lingerie inspired from Asian cultures. Gasp! Further, a Nepalese woman designed their jewelry, which was also Asian-inspired. Pure. Unadulterated. Racism.
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