Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Is Trump's Twitter Account a National Security Threat?

Donald Trump has years of experience launching Twitter wars. But now, as he prepares to take the highest office in the country, there are growing fears that his tweets could spur a genuine national security crisis.
Intelligence and defense specialists believe the president-elect’s use of the popular and powerful social media network is already being used by foreign agencies to analyze his personality, track his habits and detect clues about what to expect from a Trump-led American government.
And that’s just based on what Trump writes on Twitter. It’s not even counting the vulnerabilities that could arise if overseas hackers invade his phone and digital accounts.
“We’ve never had a president that’s shared so much of themselves, not just what they’re saying, but their psychological tics in such an overt manner, and you can be sure that foreign actors are studying that, too,” said P.W. Singer, a defense expert and co-author of “Cybersecurity and Cyberwar.” “We’re beginning to see what excites him, what angers him, what sets him off. We’ve never had this ability to read so much on what a president is thinking.”
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