Sunday, December 4, 2016

Can We Be Heroes and Saints?

It’s worth aspiring to both.
‘Now that we’ll have a President who has said, ‘I don’t have heroes,’ I suppose we must all somehow step up & become heroes for one another,” writer Wendy Shalit tweeted the day after the election. The mother of three describes herself as an “evangelist for romantic hope and the possibility of innocence.”
In conversation, she reminded me of a man named Gershon Burd, a father of five who died in an accident in 2013 and who had led a “secret life.” People knew he was a good guy, but they had no idea really — even his family. For himself he would buy used shoes and suits. For others, he would do anything, it turned out. He was gratuitously generous.
In a 2014 reissue of her 1999 book, A Return to Modesty, Shalit wrote:
A stationary store owner in the Old City of Jerusalem gave out free helium balloons to all children on their birthdays . . . only because Gerson quietly slipped into the store every month and paid for the balloons. He also paid for plane tickets home, so that other people could visit their sick parents.
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