Sunday, November 6, 2016

Trump Supporters: What Happens If Your Man Wins…Or Doesn’t ...

Yesterday I wrote an open letter to Never Trumpers, a hypothetical–but very possible–scenario in which Donald Trump wins the presidency. I took the (no doubt controversial) position that Never Vote Trumpers should not become Never President Trumpers. I suggested that it’s better to hold Trump to some standards of policy and practice we expect from a Republican in office.
Now I want to address Trump’s supporters. As my colleague here at The Resurgent, the estimable Josh Hammer, has noted, there are three kinds of Trump supporters.
. Type 1: The reluctant voter who is concerned about SCOTUS or convinced Trump is less bad than Hillary Clinton. This is the majority of GOP voters who are likely to vote for Trump.
. Type 2: Rational and reasonable “paleoconservatives” with perhaps an appetite for populism and a great tolerance for every possible character flaw to be found in a presidential hopeful. This category is in grave danger of extinction, as most who hold to it have been pushed beyond their limit for scum. At least the ones I know. The public figures in this type are more or less trapped there, whether they really believe in Trump or not. Some are there because of loyalty, longtime friendship, or blatant self-interest in supporting Trump. With him their fortunes lie, or at least swapping sides right now would result in difficulty.
. Type 3: The actual “alt-right.” The obscene blood & soil racists, Pepe meme users, Jew-haters, Muslim-baiters, and tinfoil-hat conspiracists. These are the original Branch Trumpidians: Birthers, 9/11 truthers, and other nuts (I wouldn’t be surprised if “Flat Earthers for Trump” or Bart Sibrel‘s Apollo-was-faked club wasn’t part of this group). These people are actually a smaller group than their media footprint would suggest, mostly because they are augmented by a Twitter bot army, with strong evidence it’s run by a Kremlin-controlled disinformation agency.
The message is somewhat different for each type of Trump voter, so I’ll dispense with Type 3 right here. You are unacceptable as Americans, and if there were a Constitutional way to strip you of citizenship, I’d advocate it. But part of the First Amendment gives you the right to be despicable.
You think Trump is going to give you what you want, because you’ve convinced yourself he’s your man. He isn’t. He doesn’t want your respect because he already owns you. He had you at “hello” and now he’s conquered you. Like all Trump’s conquests, you are being used, and will continue to be used until you’re not useful. In the White House, Trump may very well find you a liability, and then you’ll see exactly what your loyalty gets you (a visit from the FBI).
If that’s what you get, you deserve every hassle, legal action, and prosecution you earned. And if some of you end up in jail, I won’t miss you when you’re gone.
On the other hand, if Trump somehow sullies the office of POTUS by inviting your presence, influence, or advice, I will treat him like Barack Obama, who sat under the preaching of a known racist for 20 years, and regularly invites racists to join him at the White House and on the road. I will oppose Trump if he shows any inclination to pander to the “alt-right.”
I’ll let Forrest Gump finish my thought: “And that’s all I have to say about that.”
To the Type 2 Trump supporter ...
Read the rest from Steve Berman HERE and follow a link below to his open letter to Never Trumpers:

Dear Never Trumpers: What If Trump Wins?

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cimbri said...

If Trump doesn't win, we have a front row seat to the country swirling down the drain. We'll pick up the pieces afterwards. Meantime, get armed, the Muslims and other criminals will be pouring in by the boatload. Hillary will make sure - the next election will not be contested. They will have an easy 55 to 60% majority presidential party.