Thursday, November 10, 2016

Thomas Sowell: Who Controls Congress Is More Important Than Who Controls White House

In most Presidential election years, the most important vote is the vote for President of the United States. This year, the most important vote looks like the vote for control of the Senate. Regardless of who wins the White House, the freedom that Americans have taken for granted -- taken too much for granted, for far too long -- can be destroyed by whomever the next President puts on the Supreme Court.
Since the Senate has the power to approve or disapprove whatever nominee any President wants to put on the High Court, that makes the Senate this country's last line of defense against any headstrong President who puts his or her own power ahead of the freedom of more than 300 million Americans and of future generations.
The Senate is also the last line of defense against any President who exceeds his or her own authority, and thereby destroys the Constitution's balance of power among the three branches of government that has kept this country free for more than two centuries.
If either party -- whether Democrats or Republicans -- unites behind a President with no regard for the Constitution, that party can change the fundamental nature of American government, leaving not only the incumbent President, but future Presidents as well, able to rule virtually by decree.
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