Monday, November 21, 2016

REALITY CHECK: What's Really Doable In Trump's First 100 Days?

President-elect Trump, on the hustings, was pretty clear about one thing: He has a very ambitious agenda for his first 100 days in office — one that may be tough to achieve in its entirety.
Even for a man known for his swagger and hyperbole, Trump will have his hands full. But that doesn't mean he can't get a big chunk of his agenda done in the first 3-1/3 months of his term.
By IBD's count, he has some 27 separate items that he wants to accomplish. Many of them, such as limiting illegal immigration and building a wall on the border with Mexico, are closely related. Still, it's a long list, and Congress might not move as quickly as Trump would like, despite Republicans' majority in both houses of Congress.
"Congress is, by design, a slow-moving institution," Politico's political column, Playbook, noted last week. "The House can move at lightning speed, but the Senate is slower. Much slower. There are always partisan, parochial and personal issues to contend with. Many who are involved in legislative planning say the first 10 weeks will be a slow slog."
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