Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Progressives’ Anti-Christian Bigotry Helped Make Trump President

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They have only themselves to blame for driving away millions of Evangelicals.
Last week, my friends and former colleagues at the Alliance Defending Freedom filed a lawsuit against the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. The facts of the case aren’t terribly exciting: The university, like many universities, has a mandatory “service learning” program that requires students to perform 30 hours of community service, and it uses the program as a thinly disguised means of astroturfing student activism. The program specifically encourages students to work with “public interest” organizations, political campaigns, “environmental action” groups, and other nonprofits — but it doesn’t grant credit to students for promoting “religious doctrine” or “proselytizing.” In other words, students can and do promote ideological, cultural, or political causes, but they cannot promote their religious faith.
Two students who’d performed dozens of hours of service at Catholic parishes, teaching children about the basics of the Catholic faith, church history, and morality filed suit, noting that they would have received credit for the same services if performed in a non-religious context. The case is now pending in federal court.
As such cases go, this one is small, with facts not nearly as lurid as any one of the dozens of lawsuits filed against colleges, universities, and municipalities in the last decade. But it’s perfectly emblematic of the way that secular-progressive America now operates. When it can, it will single out Christian individuals and institutions and make their lives that much more difficult — denying job opportunities, imposing hopelessly twisted double standards, and subjecting them to one-sided, Byzantine regulatory retribution.
It’s easy to identify the few lawsuits that get media attention, but there are dozens — even hundreds — of others across the country that go unnoticed. There is a pervasive feeling among American Christians that secular progressives will actively seek out new and creative ways to persecute and marginalize them.
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