Friday, November 11, 2016

Now, Absolution

Absolution: an ecclesiastical declaration of forgiveness of sins; mercy.
I might be somewhat unsual among what was once called Never Trumpers. Yes, I was once called that, like Olórin was once called Gandalf before slaying and being slain by the Balrog. I am unusual in the prayer and wish I had for Donald Trump to win and become president, to defeat Hillary Clinton.
My prayer was answered and my wish (along with 59-odd million other Americans) was answered. We now have President-elect Trump, who in his 2:30 am victory speech reached out to all of us for healing.
So I am Never Trump no longer, because the term has ceased to carry a whole lot of meaning, other than opposing the soon-to-be president. “I will be president for all Americans,” Trump said, and as an American I accept that at face value.
Now, absolution.
I do not take back anything I’ve said or written about Trump, a long history of criticism, sometimes mixed with awe. I don’t take it back any more than Trump himself takes back the ridiculous things he’s said over the campaign, and in the decades before that. But I do grant him absolution.
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Anonymous said...

This winning religion is messed up. You don't have ethics or integrity. And you REALLY have gaul to parade your emotionalism in an attempt to rationalize being brain-dead. Face reality.