Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Never Trumpers and Reluctant Trump Supporters, Stop Questioning Each Other’s Motives

The future of conservatism depends on their reconciliation beginning November 9.
With Donald Trump flailing in the polls just under two weeks from the presidential election, an open conflict has broken out between many of those Republicans voting for Trump and those who see him as a moral and political bridge too far for the Republican party.
For most, that conflict is not based on disagreements about principle. Most Never Trumpers despise Hillary Clinton and will not vote for her; most Never Trumpers even feel significant sympathy for the “vote for Trump to stop Hillary” argument. They believe that Trump fails to meet the most basic standard of morality and conservatism and that supporting him damages Republicans politically now and in the future. So they will vote for neither candidate.
By contrast, most Trump voters despise Hillary Clinton and will vote against her. Most Trump voters are voting for Trump as the lesser of two evils, not because they support his agenda on trade or trust him as a thoughtful foreign-policy sage. Most Trump voters aren’t Laura Ingraham or Bill Mitchell or Sean Hannity. That’s been true since May. Most Trump voters will vote for Trump because they believe that the overriding priority is to stop Hillary from entering the White House, and to that end, they are willing to overlook Trump’s myriad flaws.
So, why are the two sides of this debate at each other’s throat? Because they’ve projected bad motives onto the other side.
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