Monday, November 7, 2016

Has A Nominee Ever Taken Office While Under FBI Investigation?

In one fell swoop Oct. 28, Hillary Clinton’s political legacy went from career politician on the cusp of a historical ascendancy, to potentially history’s first presidential asterisk.
It took FBI Director James Comey just minutes to change Hillary’s 30-year trajectory. If she is elected, Hillary Rodham Clinton’s distinction as the first female president will almost certainly be accompanied by an asterisk noting she is also the first presidential candidate ever to assume office while under federal criminal investigation.
“You will have no honeymoon,” University of Virginia law professor Saikrishna Prakash told The Daily Caller News Foundation. “You will have people who think that a criminal got into the White House again.”
The Clinton campaign responded to Comey’s bombshell by demanding the FBI turn over everything it has immediately — obviously wanting to end the matter as soon as possible. But in all likelihood, the investigation will take months to complete, which would cast a massive shadow over her presidency regardless of whether the FBI turns up anything new.
Even if the outcome of the election isn’t a given, the prospect raises a host of amazing possibilities. Would Hillary command the FBI to stop the investigation? Fire Comey? Or would she let it play out and risk damaging findings? How would she work with Republicans in Congress who will almost certainly launch separate investigations and hold hearings on the matter? Would she resign if she is indicted? Would President Obama pardon her, or would she somehow pardon herself?
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