Monday, November 14, 2016

Enjoying Hollywood's Doomsaying

The election has passed, and the American people gave the spoiled celebrities of Hollywood the heave-ho. Despite all of their earnest YouTube lectures and pro-Hillary Clinton concerts and campaign appearances, the next president is Donald Trump.
Little did they realize that John Q. Public is done with these multi-multimillionaires positing themselves as champions of the working class, or even more remarkable, the downtrodden.
Get out the popcorn for their wailing and gnashing of teeth on the internet. On election night they went certifiably bonkers. Their horror is unfashionable.
"Nashville" actress Connie Britton spoke for many liberals, seeing imminent persecution of all minorities: "Dear Muslim, Mexican, immigrant, refugee, handicapped, black, gay, female human beings, & also dear Earth ... you are not forgotten. Promise."
Former child star Alyssa Milano asked: "Is it possible that this country is more sexist than racist? May God help us all."
For disgusting reactions, there is comedian Jena Friedman, who wailed on Stephen Colbert's Showtime special, "It feels like an asteroid has just smacked into our democracy. ... It is so scary and sad and heartbreaking. And I just wish I could be funny. Get your abortions now."
Why is democracy damaged when Democrats don't win? Did Trump cheat? No, it's that the wrong voters won.
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