Saturday, November 19, 2016

Donald Trump Isn’t Entitled To Support. He Must Earn It

REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst
Now that Donald Trump has been elected president, many argue that he is entitled to the full support of the American people. I respectfully disagree.
Throughout his campaign, Mr. Trump showed a lack of respect, if not disdain, for core tenets of the American democratic system. He openly displayed authoritarian tendencies, and attacked, among other things, freedom of the press, freedom of religion, tolerance for political dissent, and the rule of law.
History is ripe with leaders who have used democratic institutions to ultimately subvert and undermine democracy. Through his statements and actions, Mr. Trump has shown that he does not understand or respect some of the most sacred principles of American political life. He is therefore not entitled to our full support until he proves, with his actions, that he will uphold and respect the American democratic system.
During my three years in the Bush White House, I saw the dangers firsthand of those who shouted “not my president” at President Bush simply because they disagreed with his policies. And although I voted against Barack Obama in 2008, I fully and firmly supported him as my president, despite opposing many of his actions.
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