Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Ben Shapiro's FINAL ELECTION PREDICTION: Clinton vs. Trump

AP Photo/EVAN Vucci
So, how’s tomorrow going to turn out?
There are a huge number of uncertainties, of course. Perhaps Hillary’s supporters will remember that their candidate is a corrupt criminal, that she has no agenda other than serving her own ambition, and that returning her to power enshrines elite politics at the top level. Perhaps they don’t show up in the numbers Hillary requires.
Perhaps Trump’s supporters have been hiding from pollsters. Perhaps the polls don’t really represent Americans’ feelings on this election. Perhaps a Brexit-style shocker is in order.
But now it’s time for some real-world predictions. And so we’ll break this one down, state-by-state, before we get to the popular vote numbers.
In order for Donald Trump to win this election, he must win North Carolina, Florida, Ohio, Iowa, and Nevada, as well as one more state: New Hampshire, Colorado, Virginia, Wisconsin, Michigan, or Pennsylvania (Minnesota isn’t happening). His ground game is shabby. His enthusiasm, however, is high. So, let’s survey. ...
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