Friday, November 4, 2016

5 Reasons The FBI’s New Email Investigation Is HILARIOUS

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The Democrats are in full-scale panic.
They should be.
Hillary Clinton has been dropping like a stone in the polls. Weeks ago, she was up well over seven points in the RealClearPolitics poll average; she’s now down to a 2.8 percent lead in a four-way race. In the state polls, Trump has been gaining steadily, to the point where Axiom Strategies has Trump down just one point in Colorado and two in Pennsylvania, and up four in Florida, four in Nevada, two in North Carolina, five in Ohio. If that’s right, this election is now on a knife’s edge.
And all of it is hilarious.
Every accusation Democrats made about Trump during this election cycle is now blowing up in their faces. And Democrats are running around like Joe Biden drunk with a shotgun, endangering themselves and others.
1. Hillary Tells The FBI To Come Clean. Hillary has now said that the FBI should reveal what it knows about Anthony Weiner’s emails – they have to come clean in order to demonstrate to the American public that there’s either something there or there isn’t. It turns out that there is someone else who knows whether there is something there or not: Hillary Clinton. Her pathological need to hide information led to this entire bizarre scenario: she set up the private server, she hid its existence, she deleted thousands of emails…and now she wants the FBI to come clean. This is the equivalent of the Menendez brothers killing their parents and then falling on the mercy of the court because they’re orphans.
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