Monday, October 31, 2016

Waiting For The Mothership

I tweeted a very simple comment that distills Donald Trump to what I believe is his essence, given the facts in evidence. Then my Twitter timeline exploded with Branch Trumpidians spewing venom and vowing revenge when Trump wins on November 8th.
Trump has (and this is just a sampling):
  • Advocated single-payer (it works so well in Canada) healthcare, which is Hillarycare. 
  • Advocated raising the minimum wage. 
  • Claimed to be pro-life while saying Planned Parenthood does some good things. 
  • Donated to Hillary Clinton’s campaigns. 
  • Praised Hillary Clinton (on several occasions, as a senator, and as secretary of state). 
  • Registered as a Democrat. 
  • Praised Mike Bloomberg–a former Republican and gun grabber.
My God, what else does he have to do to prove he’s a Democrat at heart?
As proof of Trump’s “conservative” chops, he has (again, not a comprehensive list, because I don’t have all day to write this, and I think readers probably can come up with more than I can):
Read the rest from Steve Berman HERE.

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