Friday, October 14, 2016

Trump's Vile Candidacy Is Chemotherapy For The GOP

"Freedom's just another word for nothin' left to lose."                                                -- "Me and Bobby McGee," Janis Joplin
What did Donald Trump have left to lose Sunday night? His dignity? Please. His campaign's theme? His Cleveland convention was a mini-Nuremberg rally for Republicans whose three-word recipe for making America great again was the shriek "Lock her up!" This presaged his Banana Republican vow to imprison his opponent.
The St. Louis festival of snarls was preceded by the release of a tape that merely provided redundant evidence of what Trump is like when he is being his boisterous self. Nevertheless, the tape sent various Republicans, who until then had discovered nothing to disqualify Trump from the presidency, into paroxysms of theatrical, tactical and synthetic dismay.
Again, the tape revealed nothing about this arrested-development adolescent that today's righteously recoiling Republicans either did not already know or had no excuse for not knowing. Before the tape reminded the pathologically forgetful of Trump's feral appetites and deranged sense of entitlement, the staid Economist magazine, holding the subject of Trump at arm's-length like a soiled sock, reminded readers of this: "When Mr. Trump divorced the first of his three wives, Ivana, he let the New York tabloids know that one reason for the separation was that her breast implants felt all wrong."
His sexual loutishness is a sufficient reason for defeating him, but it is far down a long list of sufficient reasons. But if it -- rather than, say, his enthusiasm for torture even "if it doesn't work," or his ignorance of the nuclear triad -- is required to prompt some Republicans to have second thoughts about him, so be it.
Read the rest from George Will HERE.

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